Friday, May 29, 2009

City of Zerg

Recently some friends and I have gotten together in City of Heroes/Villains and created a team. It's not quite a static team, though it comes close. It is also not really a superteam, though arguably it has the hallmarks.

To elaborate, a superteam is a group of characters in CoH/CoV that are usually comprised of identical or highly complimentary powersets. It goes to such a point where the major level organised superteams even have predesigned builds so they get certain powers (typically Leadership) at certain levels to maximize the twink. Example: Fire/Radiation Controller teams.
A static team, well most of you know but for those that don't; it's a group who will always come together at a set time on a set day and play together. Some run statics that rarely group with anyone else, others roleplay all the time on their static characters but only ever level with the other members.

Anyway we have a team of Masterminds. Specifically five Thugs Masterminds for a simple reason. The same reason that class gets used for superteams. GANG WAR!

We have a
  • Thugs/Storm
  • Thugs/Pain Domination
  • Thugs/Dark Miasma
  • Thugs/Forcefields
  • Thugs/Traps

So that represents alot of slows, resistance and defense debuffs, accuracy debuffs, healing, defense boosts and stealth powers. A few of us have also started taking the Leadership powers which stack with the Enforcer leadership. Provided there are no cascading defense failures, the team will only get tougher and tougher as time goes on.

This weekend, we'll be tackling the Silver Mantis strikeforce together. If you are on Virtue and over level 20, give me a shout on @Ardua and join in. Just a word of warning, when all the pets are down, at this level we account for 75 characters on screen at once :P


Anonymous said...

Thugs/Storm has, thus far, been fifty kinds of awesome. I cannot wait to see what happens when I get to throw Tornado and Lightning Storm down amidst the rest of the carnage.

Zubon said...

Sounds like all kinds of fun, but I'd be looking forward to what happens when someone throws a tornado against the group. Thugs flying everywhere!

It reminds me of when we tested a friend's new graphics card. We got a team with eight Masterminds and went into a mission that chain-spawned dozens of enemies. The game's rendering engine gave out before his graphics card did, and we pretty much stood there while masses of henchmen we could no longer see took out masses of enemies we could no longer see.

My Virtue Corrupter from the Brutal Speed superteam is 18, but there is no way that I am keeping 75 targets Speed Boosted. :p