Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bad to the Bone

Ok no. I am annoyed at Paragon Studios and NCSoft.

Let's have a quick run around. We have NCSoft being sued by Worlds.com, NCSoft being sued by Richard Garriot and my original complaint for the lackluster annoucement.

Now we have this : City Of Heroes : Going Rogue

Is it an interesting idea? You bet. Is it something the player base has asked for for ages? Oh most certainly. Could it improve teaming in City of Villains and make City of Heroes pop just that little bit more.
Is it a big announcement that could steal Champions thunder and retain some of the current base or the resubs? Oh yes.

Then why has it been rolled out in this manner? There is a direct page for it on the main City of Heroes page, but as of writing this, there is no link to it on the front page. People have been emailed and directed to the link given, which is not an NC page. There were 13 pages of "omgwtfbbq" on the boards before Castle weighed in to say that it was legit.

Am I glad to have something coming? Of course I am.

I am however very annoyed at the execution. This hasn't so much been announced as "oh by the way.."
Where was this news two weeks ago?


arbitrary said...

does it really matter that it wasn't announced on the anniversary? I mean, it's out there now and everyone's talking about it.

Agree it should have its own page and been heralded a little more.

Ardua said...

It totally matters. As we've seen MMOs live and die on the word of mouth. Champions is getting talked up. CoH had a big event where they welcomed back everyone for a week and promised a big annoucement and delivered nothing.

Then the manner this came out in made people confused. It took some time to determine it was on the level.

Instead of this great news, all resubs came back to was the i14 MA meow farm game which is only getting looked at now after they are back rather than before. They missed such an opportunity with the event and botched this reveal.

Slurm said...

I alsmost went back for that welcome back event, I just decided though that I was going to wait for Champions. I like the "going rogue" idea, just sucks that (at least at first) you can't roll a villian in Champions.

Have to agree about NC Soft being in some hot water right now. And whats up with Paragon? Isn't the one studio handling both games? I'm confused. Why would they roll something like this out when Champions is on the way?

ow, brain hurt...

Ardua said...

Cryptic made City of Heroes and was bought by NCSoft.
Later they made the expanshalone City of Villains. You can play one without ever touching the other, but seeing as you can play both, most do.

NCSoft bought the IP from Cryptic and a bunch of the staff stayed on, becoming NCNC (NC North Cal) and later rebranding to Paragon Studios.

Cryptic is off making Champions and Star Trek.

Castamere said...

Is it important to promote this more? Absolutely. But when all you have is a basic concept and a trailer I don't think you want to scream about it too loudly.

Let the hype build and simmer amongst the fanbase on the forums and abroad (such as blogs like yours) and then when more concrete details emerge start plugging the hell out of it.

Literally the FAQ is flimsy and transparent and after going 'OMG, new CoH expansion!' and going to the site and seeing the trailer and then reading the non-FAQ I pretty much went 'Ah, that's neat.' And put it on the mental back burner.

There's not enough there to whet the palate and certainly not enough to launch a full bore Down with Champions Online campaign. When there's more substance and less fluff is when I would open the floodgates and promote it everywhere.

Ardua said...

You've good points Casta, but they still botched the reveal on this. I'm a CoH subscriber and I've still not had the promotional mail, nor have most of my CoH friends.
On the one hand yes, they shouldnt be distributing pitchforks and directions to Champions Headquarters just yet, but at the same time they completely missed (and for what reason remains to be seen) a prime opportunity to start the fan hype.

Slurm said...

Hey thanks for the info, that cleared up my confusion.