Thursday, April 23, 2009

Once more with ketchup

Yes I know, I know. I keep talking about food. Maybe lunch hasn't hit the stomach yet.

Bit of a general question open to all.

WoW has become the McDonalds of online gaming: Everyone loves it, I like it,
too.-> But which player can stand burgers over and over?And no, you do not
need to be a "hardcore elite raiders" to get that feeling. By commenter Longasc
Above quote taken from Tobolds Blog

We are not discussing Wow in any way shape or form. This goes back to the sandwich metaphor (and eerily I did make a burger comment...) and shopping around. This also goes back to the idea of lifetime passes to games such as Lotro.


Assuming that WoW is the McDonalds of Online gaming and other games represent other restaurants, how much more would you be willing to pay for a varied menu?

WoW caters to millions, other games also have their own populations. In the end though a vast majority of our online games are made by the same crowd in some fashion.

How much would you pay SOE or NCSoft or Turbine or Mythic or Blizzard or CCP or NetDevil or whomever to have access to several very different games at once? SOE already has the Station Pass, but how much more than our normal monthly fee would you pay for a super pass to let you easily play WAR and WoW and EVE and CoH for example?

Instead of grabbing what they can for their own games, would it be profitable or even sensible for the various names in online games to share their subscriber bases? A Taco Bell sharing a roof with a KFC sort of deal.

Would you buy a Blizzard/NCSoft/Mythic game pass for one month or a year of cross company gaming? If it was affordable, so called WoW tourism aside, how many of Blizzards 11 million would explore further, and how many more would leave other games to go stomp around in Azeroth?

I'd consider it myself. The only limiting factor is time, I can only be in one game at a time unless I get silly... so many games, so many choices.


Shannon said...

Does it say something that I don't eat burgers from McDonalds? I personally love places that have Carl's Jr. and Green Burrito or Taco bell hut I think it is? I don't remember anymore. Anyways! The idea of being able to play multiple games is very appealing to me. Sometimes you just want a burrito and a milkshake.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of the conglomo-game-pass-thing. When I was heavily playing SoE games, I did the station pass thing (back when it was only $20 or so, instead of the $30 it is now). It was nice to be able to jump into my old SWG character, or see how my original love EQ was doing, but my staple at the time was EQ2. I'm not sure if they've added Vanguard into the mix, but if so, it sweetens the deal for their pass.

The cost for going outside of your own game company could be significantly higher though, with a greater discount the more games involved. The problem is that much of the cost is supposed to go towards resource development, which as different companies, they don't share (where-as in SOE's case, it's all the same company). So unlike the KFC/TacoBell building, they all aren't under the same roof (servers), so the cost dispersion becomes more difficult to manage.

Do love the possibility of it though.