Thursday, April 23, 2009

Livin la Vida Evento

Quick Public Service Announcement
It’s not always a good thing to be caught looking at blogs while in work, or even posting to your own. Still because I have such time to think in work, I often have some topics come up in the mind to blog about and they don’t survive the trip home.

However, I forgot blogger lets you email in your blogs so let’s try that this morning. See if we can’t get a pretty blog out. If not, I’ll repair it over lunch.

So onto the meat of the matter (what is it with all the food comments lately?).

Since October 2008 Warhammer has had 6 live events. Only three of them relate to actual holidays, two were for class releases and we’ve one going now to build up to a new zone with one more to come.

Of the six, I got the elite rewards for three of them and am working on the fourth tonight. The two that I didn’t manage were Kegs End (so much grinding) and Night of Murder (iirc it ran into my time in Italy). Even then I got some titles from the first, and some work done on the second on Leggit.

Personally I am pretty pleased with the rate we’ve been getting these live events. They always spruce things up, but at the same time they often cause an unforeseen idiotic side effect. During Kegs End, you had to /boast and /toast a number of characters and classes on both sides. That was clever, kill a guy, boast over his corpse. The problem in execution was… dual targeting. If you’ve that last class you want to boast targeted, and you’ve yourself or anyone else on your side targeted (healing or whatever) you’ll emote at the friendly target. This is why so often for reasons best known to themselves, instead of gloating over my broken Rune Priest body, Black Orcs have a tendency to laugh at themselves, sometimes two or three times.

So imagine a scenario where it’s already a bit crazy and someone is spamming an emote bind but has forgotten that whole target issue.

Also in Bitter Rivals and Heavy Metal with the pie throwing. It is amusing to see an otherwise well behaved scenario team suddenly break and charge into the jaws of the enemy because “Oh yeah, I need to pie some guys”. Hey I am not complaining about that one though, in doing that very thing on Vorri (or Norri at the time) I not only pied a guy good and proper, I got one in return and the tiny amount of damage killed me. Cue title “Death by Pie”.

The side effect I have seen on Phoenix Throne in Beyond the Sands is a massive sort of tier based blindness. The second day I played the even I went on Vorri my level 24 T3 Engineer. I have 8/12 tasks done. I have to finish the quests based in Altdorf and kill a Lich Priest. It was a good blast of back and forward battling, pushing Destro out of the depot, getting pushed back. Collecting crates and killing skeletons and being confused about the Beam of KillThisGuy from the heavens centered on me (I didn’t know where to drop the McGuffin). It was a good night and I had fun.

Compare and contrast the night before on my 32 Rune Priest Orrekai in Tier 4. Thunder Mountain is locked by Destruction. Destruction want the things and have the whole “we just won here so are hanging about” thing in their favour. What does Order apparently do? Engage in a stalemate back and forth battle just at the base of the Warcamp or gets picked off solo (as I did a few times, but hey I killed a 40 Magus who thought I would be a pushover). I went around the long way and managed to get two of the tasks done, but still need to visit the depot which accounts for many more of the tasks. What would I have done differently? Start Warbands (they had) and start in Kadrin Valley (they hadn’t) and push properly. Fight Destruction as if it was a normal push on the city and kick them out of Kadrin, out of Thunder Mountain and if possible, lock the zone. After that, well hey you’ve an army spoiling for a fight standing on a) the thing most of them need for this event and b) the one spot short of a Priest spawning guaranteed to draw attention and victims.

Perhaps I will suggest it tonight. Quick tangent! Good on Phoenix Throne setting up channels to co-ordinate RvR. They have /chan tier1, tier2, tier3, tier4 and /chan organize for when there’s several warbands getting messy. I really should write a macro so I can button mash and autojoin the channels.

Back to the Event.

I plan to finish it out on Vorri tonight and if all goes well get cracking on Orrekai as well. It is a habit from when I only had the two characters and fortunately I’ve not returned to how I used to be in City of Heroes. Every event that I have finished, I have gotten to the Elite on Orrekai and Vorri. Redundant maybe (certainly in the case of Bitter Rivals where only Orrekai got the Axe Hewer kit and Vorri couldn’t select it). I want the goggles for Vorri as they just fit my image of him, having the Battlebrew Back Pack would just make it fantastic but sadly he doesn’t. I want them on Orrekai because well.. he’s my main.

All in all I am having fun in Beyond the Sands and look forward to next months event. I wonder what little gap in peoples thinking it will introduce. How many times are you all going to run this one?

To close though, a link. Enjoy!

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