Monday, May 31, 2010


Shannon and I are off on a holiday.

Not an actual holiday mind you, just a break from Paragon City. For whatever reason (I suspect a Nemesis plot) Shannon is feeling like a break from the City of Heroes and so in finest “WoW Tourist” (Thanks Syncaine for the now old term even if we’ve never played WoW) tradition, we’re off on a holiday.

It is just a temporary break though given that Going Rogue is right around the corner. At most we’ll be away for a month. Of course it becomes complicated when we factor in Shannons computer having died recently and the replacement being … well… crap. No fancy high end graphics games for her and therefore for us.

So options appear to be

  • Allods Online (Suggested to her by OnRPG awesome guy Nic)
  • Dungeons & Dragons Online (I wont let it go)
  • Anarchy Online (Blame Sareini)
  • Something else (This is what the comments section is for)

So. Any suggestions? Preferences? Cautionary tales?


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There's my usual suggestion of Runes of Magic, which is (IMO) quite good for a F2PMMO. Allods is also good, once you get past the cash shop dumbassery from earlier and just look at the game itself.