Sunday, September 06, 2009

I always carry a flashlight

Dark days are coming but I like to think myself prepared.

Though if there’s one thing Harry Dresden has taught me, it’s this. If you must be the first to bring light into the darkness, do it off to the side so the big nasties don’t immediately do nasty things to you.

A few days ago Funcom released a new trailer for the Secret World and an initiation test. The test is genius.

When you’re building up hype for a game you need people excited and interested. The Initiation test manages to do that while also going a step further. The music sets the tone for the game, the glimpses of the art concepts give you an idea of the world and leave you wanting more. The results paint a rough picture of the three factions in the game and finally, a quick entry of your email puts you in for a chance to win beta access. In another stroke of genius, you can post the results to your Facebook. Within minutes of my doing so, friends who have no interest in online gaming were taking the test and posting results. Free word of mouth advertising, a method of drumming up interest and the beta application all in one clever package. I am impressed.

I had noticed The Secret World on Massively before but had not gotten interested before because it was too secret. Sure I could have made the effort, but ARGs can demand a lot of time and I didn’t at the time want to spend it. Now though I’m excited, I’m interested and I’m still waiting for the 'biggest thing yet' to come to light.

Take the test and tell me, whose side are you on?

(Also just a note, the counter on the website is counting down to December 23rd 2012)

Ardys Targets



Regis said...

*puts on most trusting smile*

Trust me!

Sara Pickell said...

Well looks like you can chalk me up on the allies list.

Ysharros said...

So nice of you to be keeping a directory. Saves me the trouble of making my own hit list.

You templars, always so keen to be helpful. Shame about Saladin & Paris 1307 and all, but that's water under the bridge. Right?

If you think that sound is my teeth chattering -- think again.

Sareini said...

Hey! You already knew I was a Dragon - why aren't I on your Enemies list?

Oh, and Nick's a Dragon too, although it was a close one and he almost joined the Templars.

Terry said...

What secret society?

You're all crazy.

Only conspiracy theorists would believe that there is a secret society who's symbols and trappings date back to ancient Egypt and are hidden in plain sight in places like the US Dollar. Or that such a society remains in power today, controlling the world for unknown and possibly nefarious ends from behind the scenes.

I mean, really. Who would believe such a thing?

Syp said...

I am Templar! Templar, dude!

Ardua said...

Whoops... I got a little overzealous.. HA!

Unknown said...

I'm a Dragon, too, so I'm at least in good company. Compared to you, Templar!

C out