Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I'm not quitting

Everyone in Warblogosphere has commented by now. Some are staying, some are going. Some have clever plans to reignite the fun. Others have defined expectations of fun and others have found their center.
Me? I'm still plugging away. Being an infrequent writer (I have excuses, some of them are even good) and frequent player.

The world is no less beautiful than it was when I first logged in. In fact it is more so as I never could look above the horizon on my specs during beta, but that all changed for live.
The flavour of the world is still Warhammer.
The fun is what you make it, and me? I'm making it as best I can.

So... completely pointless entry of the month here. I'm not quitting WAR. I see no reason to leave somewhere I am enjoying still, despite a slowdown personally in tier 2, despite population questions and for the simple fact that some of the complaints bandied about can only ever be fixed by staying.

So folks. Ostermark is the place. Orrekai and Norri are the names.
I'm still there, why don't you drop by an open party? We'll make some fun. It'll be a blast.

Upcoming : Badlands on Orrekai and running around RvR lakes, causing trouble, on Norri.

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Yasmina said...

Heh, I'm glad you're having fun. I was never that excited about Warhammer (done with WoW, still playing Conan some), but after my friends convinced me to try it out, I've been having my share of casual fun.

I have some teen-level dwarves on Ostermark. Maybe I'll see you there!