Friday, October 05, 2007

Teh Updates

Rightio. I haven't really been blogging much, that is my bad. I should try harder to keep up with it.
And for reminding me, *waves to and hugs Lilith*

So lets see.

Bad News
  • We are behind on the rent to a silly degree
  • Work is very very tiring
  • It is only October
  • My cat ( called Cat ) was ill

Good News

  • We're clawing back on the rent and the Landlord, Tony, is a gem.
  • I have a 9-5 Monday - Friday proper job in the Dispatch department of Behaviour and Attitudes. Yay for having money and saving!
  • Shannon will be getting her ticket shortly for the Christmas stay \o/
  • My cat got better

I really am incredibly boring at the moment heh. As for gaming, I still keep up the occasional Renegade match and am quite happy on Virtue in City of Heroes. Tabula Rasa is out soon and I dont know if I will snap it up right away. Perhaps the pre-order pack. We'll see.

Still very much in love with Shannon and I hope to apply (once I get over the anal regulations) for the Green Card Lottery in America. While we'd both prefer to live in Ireland, it can't hurt to keep options open and try for it in America.

Other than that, nothing springs to mind. I will however try write later.

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