Friday, February 10, 2006


So I use Yahoo. I've been on the service for nigh 9 years so far.
I've met some good friends through it, become great friends with others thanks to its convenience.

Their recent ad campaign has been just a little...well insulting.

I was talking to my friend Hope, and she had her webcam on. I will actually add the photo here later if she agrees. Just below her video feed as a delightful little ad.
"Rather be looking at someone else? Yahoo! Personals".

Now I can understand advertising your services. It has to be done to attract users, but to play off the concept of "they're ugly, come join here and get yourself a tastier version" is just insulting.

In Yahoo! Mail we have ad's for the messenger service. That wee program that has served me so well for so long.
The set up is this, two people are talking and demonstrating yahoo's picture sharing system. There is a joke made and the smiley face shows the lady has gone offline.

So once again they support the idea of "If they're ugly, hide, you dont need to be a nice person".

If you don't like someone online for their looks. That's your choice. Not everyone can be to everyones taste. If you don't like them however, based on that one criteria, have the guts to say as much or at least to make a go of the friendship if not a romantic one.

Doesn't hurt to be honest.
If it does, there is the block feature, one I wholeheartedly support.

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