Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Who falls for this anymore?

Take anyone who has been online (Yahoo specifically) more than ohhh a month and I am sure they've had a porn bot im them randomly.
My problem is, who falls for that nonsense? Who talks to a little script thing (always with bad spelling) that is trying to pretend to be not a bot and very very horny? It's daft.

I am sure the ad industry would get more mileage out of hiring a bunch of webmonkeys to sit online and actively chat to people and entice them to the site. It's like on Ebportal a ways back when it worked. Dejavu was someone who posted and chatted a bit. For no reason she mentions in the inevitable forum "Post your pic thread" that she has nudie photos on her own forum site, but you have to sign up.

One can only imagine it was innundated with horny gaming geeks vying for a glimpse of nipple and giving out their email address in the process. Ah well, if it works right?
Take a hint from the cam whores all ye who run bots, most people arent stupid enough to fall for the bot, but I'd bet there is alot of click traffic to be made in seducing geeks.

I'm sure that wasnt the point I wanted to make when I came in here. Still here's the im.

[23:45] slhutomaximo: hi... anyyone there?
[23:46] bahrae: dont say "Oh you're there....hi"
[23:46] slhutomaximo: oh your there :) ho...
[23:46] bahrae: ok thats a new bot response
[23:46] slhutomaximo: bott? whats that? some kinda insult or something?
[23:46] slhutomaximo: a/s/l (age sex locatioh)?
[23:47] bahrae: thats standard at least. and that. Good bot. Quickly jump to the bit where you pretend you're alive and horny
[23:47] slhutomaximo: oh you mean one of those auto talk things or something right.. lol. well if you were in my apartment right now id llift up my skirt for you and i think youd be convinced real quick
[23:47] slhutomaximo: im 27/f/USA. was lookin at your profile. thought you might like to chat.
[23:47] slhutomaximo: so whaat have you been up to bahrae?
[23:47] bahrae: And thus I have my blog for tonight. But wait, we all know there is a blush emote coming
[23:48] slhutomaximo: cool. i was just hangin out watching tv.. i was getting kinda horny :) (*blushes)
[23:48] bahrae: victory! Damn bots.

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